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Inspired by the plant

Transforming the Business of Cannabis

At 4Front, our passion for cannabis inspires everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality products, fostering innovation, and prioritizing the end-user experience. Our team employs advanced growing techniques and engages in creative culinary exploration to continuously enhance our offerings.

Driven by our mission to elevate lives through the power of cannabis, we strive to maximize operational efficiencies and provide affordable health and wellbeing choices. At 4Front, we are committed to improving our products every day for the benefit of our customers.

About Us

Exceptional Quality that Won’t Break the Bank

With state-of-the-art operations in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington, 4Front makes some of the world’s finest cannabis products. Over the past decade, our dedicated R&D team has developed more than 20 unique cannabis brands and over 1,800 innovative products, continuously refining our offerings.

We consistently introduce multiple new brands each year to stay ahead of market trends and meet diverse consumer needs. Whether you’re seeking your favorite staples or eager to try something new, 4Front has the perfect product for you.

Explore our extensive selection and experience the quality and innovation that set us apart in the cannabis industry.


From Seed to Sale

At 4Front, advancing the culture of cannabis is central to our mission. We focus on superior genetics, proven cultivation and manufacturing techniques, and streamlined packaging and distribution to ensure a consumer-first retail experience. Our commitment is to foster a better cannabis industry for everyone.

Our passionate team continuously seeks growth opportunities across our comprehensive seed-to-sale portfolio. We deliver an innovative family of brands and exceptional product experiences to both patients and consumers.

Explore how 4Front is shaping the future of cannabis with our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Building the World’s Most Efficient Cannabis Company

Commitment to operational excellence. We believe this is not only one of the most important contributors to our Company’s sustainable performance and growth, but that it helps us drive productivity, efficiency and innovation. As the demand for cannabis continues to scale, our custom-built automated machinery, signature low-cost production and manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet the needs and wants of today’s modern cannabis consumers and our like-minded partners.


Our People: The Heart of Our Success

Our people are our greatest strength and asset, good at what they do and better at who they are. They are diversified and dedicated to building a cannabis industry that works for you. We operate with the highest level of integrity and we’re determined to fulfill 4Front’s mission and deliver value to our customers, partners and shareholders at a competitive price. Our deep bench of experts and advisors have an unparalleled understanding of the cannabis sector. Afterall, we have been on the ground building a cannabis industry for the last decade, and continue to be fueled by our people, their passion, and the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant.