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About Us

Elevating lives through the power of cannabis with effective execution & operational excellence

Founded in 2011, we operate one of the most efficient cannabis companies in North America. Our team of more than 600 professionals across five states are dedicated to evolving their craft, bringing the industry alongside them. We have demonstrated we can execute at scale in highly competitive environments, and now those proven operational capabilities are helping us successfully scale production, distribution and sales across our chosen states.


Strategic Asset Base

4Front currently owns, operates, or manages cultivation and manufacturing facilities and retail centers across 5 states with headquarters in Arizona. Our focus is on key markets where we can achieve operational efficiency at scale.

  • Existing Operations


Tons of Cannabis produced per year


Unique customers to our stores in 2021 alone


Addressable market in 5 of the most populous states


Internal promotions


Stock options awarded to employees in 2021

Cultivation – Strong & Consistent Yields

Forged in one of the country’s most competitive cannabis markets, 4Front’s cultivation experts have demonstrated that they can execute at scale wherever we operate. We have implemented our advanced facility design to maximize our footprint and we use our templated growing process that combines plant genetics, nutrients, soil and setup to consistently produce yields of over 400 grams per square foot and produce over 32 tons of cannabis per year. And we’re just getting started!

Manufacturing – Processing Success

4Front mass produces high-quality, low-cost products and brands in some of the largest cannabis markets in the country. We have expertise with multiple extraction, production, and automation methodologies, all proven, scalable techniques which are now at work in our Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois and California operations. 4Front’s flagship manufacturing facility in Commerce, California recently commenced operations  – now one of the world’s largest, most efficient, automated cannabis manufacturing facilities in the world.

Vertical Integration

We are focused on maximizing growth in our core geographies, expanding our vertically integrated operations and bringing consumers the flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, vapes and topicals that they love. We are also replicating our tried and true production capabilities, which are supported by our retail stores, Mission Dispensaries, located in large, growing recreational cannabis markets.


Our Values

People Matter

We pay it forward. Social responsibility, diversity and inclusiveness are part of 4Front’s DNA. Through volunteerism, contributions and ethical approaches, we give back to like-minded organizations that are tackling some of the sector’s biggest challenges and helping the communities we serve.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple, we strive to advance cannabis culture through product innovation and positive community impact, but our mission is what drives us as we aspire to elevate lives through the power of cannabis with effective execution & operational excellence.

Core Values

Our roots were in developing best practices for the operation of professional medical cannabis dispensaries, we sustain those core values with our principles of Excellence, People, Integrity and Courage. We think that’s EPIC.

Our Local Communities

4Front is honored to step forward and support our local communities’ vision for a stronger, more compassionate community. We believe local programs can fundamentally change the lives of individuals and their families for the better. Taking a ‘paying it forward’ approach has always been part of our culture and DNA at 4Front, and we look forward to continuing to make a meaningful impact in the vibrant neighborhoods we serve across the country.